Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blast From The Past: My Favourite Albums of 2006

Inspired by Heavy Metal's recent postings of Best Of lists the 2000's I managed to find my personal list from that year!

Oh how times have changed.

Here it is!

Here is my list for 2006. I listened to ALOT more music this year so I am sure some stuff got lost in the shuffle. You won't agree with everything on this list, but I won't agree with yours either. I guess this isn't so much a BEST of 2006 as it is My Favourites of 2006.

My process was pretty much "What did I go back to, what did I get cravings for? What got stuck in my head? What grabbed me right off the bat?
Feel free to talk to me about my selections. I like talkin' music.

1.Mastodon - Blood Mountain
2.I Hate Sally - Don't Worry Lady (Very close second, great mix of styles, great live, and awesome people)
3.Lamb Of God - Sacrament (I got the invitation, and I am going!)
4.Kalas - Kalas (Matt Pike! incredible first, last and only album. R.I.P. Kalas)
5.Slayer - Christ Illusion (They still got it! and Lombardo is back!)
6.Accept Death - Accept Death (Death Accepted. Cool samples, great doomy feel, scary vokills)
7.Deicide - The Stench of Redemption (I am SO glad Benton didn't kill himself at 33)
8.The Abominal Iron Sloth - s/t (uh, it's real good)
9.Kylesa - Time Will Fuse It's Worth (Two drummers, two vocalists, too good)
10.Kataklysm - In the Arms of Devastation
11.Jucifer - If Thine Enemy Hunger (not metal, not conventional, like Veruca Salt on LOTS of drugs)
12.Om - Conference of the Birds (two ex-members of Sleep crafting epic doom masterpieces)
13.The Sword - Age of Winters
14.Witch - s/t (This stuff makes you high just listening to it!)
15.Napalm Death - Smear Campaign (grind at it's best)
16.Sepultura - Dante XXI (who needs Cavaleras? I know Iggor played on this one)
17.Bury Your Dead - Beauty and the Breakdown (If you're gonna be metalcore, at least be good at it)
18.Sworn Enemy - The Beginning of the End (token hardcore album)
19.Lair of the Minotaur - The Ultimate Destroyer
20.Black Cobra - Bestial (great tone, sounds like a giant tank plowing across the landscape blowing up everything in sight)
21.Hatebreed - Supremacy (formula starting to get old, just enough difference to make the list)
22.Saviours - Crucifire (another great "stoner" album)
23.Norma Jean - Redeemer (who knew christians could rock so well?)
24.Scissorfight - Jaggernaut (if you like Clutch, you'll like these guys)
25. Fucked Up - Hidden World (if this is fucked up, I don't want normal)
26. Dry Kill Logic - Of Vengeance and Violence (Cliff Rigano rules)

Top 5 "Really fun to listen to but not necessarily great albums"
1. Dragonforce - Inhuman Rampage
2. Funerot - Invasion from the Death Dimension (Tyrannosaur could be my fave song of the year)
3. Cross Examination - Hung Jury
4. Venom - Metal Black
5. Motorhead - Kiss of Death

Surprise of the Year:
I Hate Sally - Don't Worry Lady (who knew I'd love a local band this much, and the fact that Mike Kopko hated it)

Disappointment(s) of the Year (other than no new Clutch):
Tool - 10,000 days
Five Horse Johnson - Mystery Spot (JP from Clutch drumming, thought it would be better)
The false start (demise?) of Black Veil Choir (Justin Marler from Sleep)
Stuff I Thought I'd Like But Wasn't Really Feelin':
Trivium - Crusaders (bad lyrics)
Protest the Hero - Kezia (hate the vocals)
Isis - In the Absense of Truth
Tool - 10,00 Days

Compilation of the Year :
Sucking the 79's 2: Back in the Saddle Again

Collaboration of the Year :
Rebel Meets Rebel

Top EPs of the Year:
Jesu - Silver
Arise and Ruin - The Fear of...

Stuff I Missed in 2005 That Would Have Made My List:
Most Precious Blood - Merciless
Early Man - Closing In

I Really Want To Hear It But I Can't Find It:
Neil Fallon's solo performance from the Glasgowbury Festival

Most Anticipated of 2007:
Clutch - From Beale St. To Oblivion
Baroness full length (look out Mastodon!)
Kingdom of Sorrow (again)
Fu Manchu - We Must Obey