Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Nebular Nine: July 2023

With the exception of Weekend Nachos' classic 'Worthless' this month's Nebular Nine could constitute a good portion of my year end favourites. The other eight albums knocked my socks off!
Mutoid Man, holy shit. I gave it a first listen on my surround sound system. By the time it finished I could barely breathe. A non-stop, adrenaline-fueled, emotional thrill ride. Again, holy shit. 
Auralayer lays it DOWN, man. I guess they call themselves "power doom" and sure. Riffs for days is all I care about. Melt gained a new fan with 'Replica of Man'. A song wiggled its way onto my radar and I was off the races. "Hive Mind" is brilliant!
New Budos EP! Only thing better would be an LP! 
I'm not huge on live albums but sweet mother of fuzz Uncle Acid's 'Slaughter on First Avenue' sounds soooo good it's criminal. And if you know me at all you know I'm a sucker for Black Rainbows! I just wish it wasn't such a pain getting orders from Heavy Psych Sounds Records in Canada. 
Blackbraid does it again. I don't listen to much black metal these days but I'll listen to this on repeat! Which I did with the new Mizmor as well. Numerous times. Much easier to obtain that CD.
Wow. Good month. 
Van tunes: Gozu - Remedy, Slayer - Live Undead, probably more that I'm forgetting. Well, and the Talkin' Slayer podcast.
I should also mention the Superunknown Redux and Best of Soundgarden Redux from Magnetic Eye Records are both fantastic! They inspired a run through of Thou's Nirvana covers album (Blessings of the Highest Order) and various other covers album (a Primer of Holy Words (or something like that)). Also both fantastic.
Aaaaand a bunch of other stuff I listened to:

Destroyed in Seconds, Johnny Booth, Mastodon, Royal Thunder, The Acacia Strain (GREAT show at the Broom Factory!), Some Pills for Ayala, Javelina, Knocked Loose, Capra, Clutch, Cavalera Conspiracy, Local H, and Queens of the Stone Age!
Starting with next month's installment I'll be adding a Spotify playlist of what I've listened to. One song from each albums and perhaps some random entries.