Monday, May 1, 2023

Nebular Nine: April 2023

Don't be surprised of you see some of April's highlights show up on my best of 2023 list. The new Dozer album is incredible. Like holy shit. Like HOLY SHIT! I'd be totally cool to drift in an endless void if this was the soundtrack. The percussion might be my favourite part.
Elsewhere new stuff from Thundergoat (various styles but really cool), Sound of Smoke (first song rules!) Wolfnaut (why am I just rockin to these guys now?), Sonic Demon (raw my dawgs!), and Choose the Juice (pretty damn chill with awesome art) drowned out a lot of noise. 
I found out that those two Demon Cleaner albums were on Spotify. So I listened to them over and over again. Then again. So much easier than messing with 20 year old CD-Rs full of mp3s.
I'd like to retroactively change my Best of 2020 list to include Slomosa. Can't wait for the new album!
Add in the most recent Weedian compilation and the Olde/Grale EP.
Van tunes: Black Sabbath - Paranoid and Master of Reality, Megadeth - The Sick, The Dying...and The Dead!, Slayer - Undisputed Attitude, Blood Tsunami - Grand Feast for Vultures, probably something else I forgot.
As for most of the rest....