Wednesday, February 6, 2013

AOTY #14: Gaza - No Absolutes in Human Suffering

Gaza's No Absolutes in Human Suffering is like a two-fisted slam to the sternum. It will take your breath away by force and bring you to your knees. Expanding on a hardcore template, Gaza brings "post" elements and angularity to their in-your-face aural assault. Vocalist Jon Parkin is a towering presence. His bellows leave the souls of lesser man trembling in his wake. No Absolutes is a thoroughly physical album yet there is beauty to be found amidst the burl. The title track is particularly monumental. It's lyrically sparse, with only the title repeated over and over, backed by a crushing and hypnotic riff. It may be minimalist yet it incites a deep emotional attachment. It compels the listener to join the chorus and scream beyond the limits of their untested vocal chords while contemplating the deeper meaning of the statement. No Absolutes in Human Suffering is an exhausting listen yet one that begs for the process to begin anew.

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