Saturday, October 9, 2010

Heaven Shall Burn - Invictus (Iconoclast III)

I hesitate to class this as metalcore because I don't like most metalcore. But I like this and it's pretty much metalcore. It's got a hardcore "feel" and some breakdowns and a totally visceral metal vocal style. It's an angry SOB of a record. It makes me want to destroy things. Everything is great until the end of the record. The second to last track, "Given in Death" has some female guest vocals (I don't know or care who it is). It isn't a terrible song by any means but it's different enough from the rest that it doesn't really fit. The outro is sombre string piece. It's not bad either. But the bonus track...."Nowhere". Someone make it stop! It HAS to be a cover. Of who, I have no idea because I don't listen to crap. Eventhough the main lyric is "going nowhere" the song sounds upbeat. Poppy. I picture skinny jeans and bad hair. Neon shoelaces and all-over print hoodies. Shoot me now. This song has no right being on any record let alone this one. I would really like to know what possessed them to do this song. And if it's NOT a cover...why? Please tell me why?!

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