Sunday, April 26, 2009


So I'm going to see Kylesa on May 3 with Intronaut and a couple locals (P!cked On and Tubby Custard). I am so fucking excited! It's going to be a long week of anticipation. I've been pretty much vibrating for the last couple days. I've been into them since To Walk a Middle Course. Obviously I checked out their earlier releases, and was just as impressed. Their overall tone or feel hasn't really changed that much but I feel they are getting better with each subsequent release. Their latest, Static Tensions, is just incredible (read review here). I'm ready to hand over Album of the Year right now. Nothing will top it. Georgia bands have been dominating my Albums of the Year lists the past few years. Mastodon in '06, Baroness in '07, (Amon Amarth took top spot in '08, but Black Tusk put in a good showing) and Kylesa in '09. The addition of a second drummmer and Laura's clean vocals have added new elements to their already textured and distinct repetoire. They don't allow themselves to be pigion-holed into any specific subgenre. I have heard them referred to as dirty hardcore. I can't really ageee with that seeing as it's hard to me to think of them as being in the same vien as say, Hatebreed or Terror or someone like that. I have also seen them billed as doom, but while I don't really have a problem with that, they offer so much more. I see doom as being much more oppressive.Not to mention evil and depressing. Being heavy and being oppressive and two different but not mutually exclusive things.

I'll be on Kylesa overload all week. I should really listen to some Intronaut to refamiliarize myself with all their work. I'll be checking out the new Chimaira (The Infection), as well as Heaven and Hell - The Devil You Know.

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