Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who is reading this?

I track my blog and I know people are reading this. But who?
Could y'all do me a favour and "Follow Me". Like at the right side of the blog?
Or at least write some comments?
I know someone from Kingston is, some people in Toronto are, and I have 3 hits from Savannah as well as reads from 15 other countries but I don't know who.
Knowing who is reading it isn't going to change anything I am just really curious. AND I like to discuss metal so having people to talk to about it would be awesome.

Just a fave.



  1. i'm involved with the AKA Autonomous Social Centre, and i found this blog through a google search of our name. very cool review of the fuck the facts show. we posted it to our site:

    thanks for writing!

  2. nice nice!!
    I hope to attend more shows there. very nice venue.
    Pass the word!