Monday, April 26, 2010

Black Sheep Wall - I am God Songs

Can't quite remember why I wanted to check out this band but I think it may have been Chris Woodford of Titan suggesting it. If it was him, I'll have to give him a big ole Thank You! This shit is HEAVY! It's a wonder their strings don't fall right off.  The downtuned glory comes at you slow and oppressive. It's not funeral doom but they're in no hurry. The vocals are just beastly. I swear someone is torturing a polar bear. The last track is a noise piece that I wasn't crazy about but I was so into the book I was reading (Bram Stoker's Dracula) that I tolerated it. Under other circumstances I would probably skip it. There were some spoken passages here and there that, to me, really contrasted with the aural image of the album. The voice sounded like it came from some kid with a small shirt and tight jeans who'd be blown over by the wind from the amps. And if your amp can blow someone over, it's pretty burly.
If I find out the significance of the band name, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, two heavy horns up to I am God Songs.

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