Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just so you know I'm still alive

I've been on holidays for the last 2 weeks. I listen to most of my music on breaks from mind-numbing factory work. And if I have the house to myself on an off day, I just listen to something I already love really, REALLY loud.

So, for the last 2 weeks or so, I've been degrading my sense of hearing with copious amounts of Fear Factory's Mechanize and High on Fire's Snakes for the Divine. I own actual physical copies of both albums so I could listen to both while running errands and other normal people shit.

But alas, the bliss of not working has ended and I find myself relegated to earning money again. However, I have been able to start chipping away at the shitload of new albums I have stashed on my ipod. I have listened to the Bison b.c. (Dark Ages), which sounded pretty killer at moderate volume, with the windows half down due to no A/C and a heater that won't turn off and a non-metal loving (yet) 6 year old in the back seat. I heard Mammoth Grinder. Same situation but sub the 6 year old for a picky 3 year old. She prefers Slayer. What I heard really impressed me.

Black Sheep Wall - I am God Songs. Pretty good. Heavy. Slightly formulaic. Too anxious for something else new to make it all the way through.

Cancer Bats - Bears, Mayors, something something. Dumbass title but good tunes. I'm about halfway through. Nothing with the same impact as "Hail Destroyer", but it keeps ya moving. And pisses me off that I've yet to see them live eventhough they play near me often enough.

Next on the docket is the new Cathedral. I used to really dig them back in my "nothing but stoner-rock or doom" phase (I miss Man's Ruin). Double album. I'm stoked. Not stoned. Damn.

I will make yet another attempt to "get" Dillinger Escape Plan. Who knows? Maybe Option Paralysis will lure me over to the DEP-side.

and last of all, I did hear a couple tracks from the new Sevendust. Sounded pretty sissy to me.

FUCK ME! I STILL haven't transcribed that Kylesa interview! FUCK FUCK FUCK!

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