Friday, July 2, 2010

Deftones - Diamond Eyes

I like my music aggressive. It doesn't have to be brootal or violent, just aggressive. i.e. No sissy vocals. But guess what, you're gonna find "sissy vocals" on a Deftones record. But in no way am I calling Chino Moreno a sissy. No way. Chino is just one hell of a vocalist. He can tear your ears new assholes as witnessed on "Rocket Skates" (Guns! Razors! Knives!). And he can make a song sensitive and emotional without sounding like a whiny emo (insert derogatory term of choice here). It's that balance that makes Diamond Eyes so great. Don't get me wrong, if these dude choose to just rip for a whole album, I'd be all over it. But that's not how they roll.
At times parts of the album remind of Filter, at times old-school Deftones and on "Sextape" it feels like are channeling their inner Smashing Pumpkins. And that just happens to be the song that gets stuck in my head most. Which is saying a lot because this record is ridiculously catchy. I've listened to 3 bands today since I listened to Diamond Eyes this morning and I can remember almost nothing about them. (Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Funeral Pyre and Hour of Penance if you're wondering) It think "Sextape" is permanently burned onto my brain.
I haven't listened to Deftones in a long time. At one time I could play all of Around the Fur on bass. But I don't recall being that fond of their post-White Pony output. However, after listening to Diamond Eyes a dozen times makes we want to dig out the old CDs and rekindle that flame. I might even dig out my old White Pony t-shirt. I might need a whole day for that though. Ah well, I'll just listen to Diamond Eyes while I search!

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