Thursday, December 22, 2011

#20: False - False

I had mentioned in my Explanatory Blurb that there was an album that I came upon after I had pretty much finalized my list that I could not deny from being included. False (Gilead Media) is that album. I just happened to be browsing Gilead's Bandcamp page and recalled reading about False somewhere when I saw the album listed on the site. Click! The first time I played it was at low volume on my shit ass laptop speakers. And I loved it. The next few times were at much greater volumes on my stereo. I have placed it at the top of my "To Buy" list. Vinyl of course. Now, I have only been listening to Black Metal for maybe 3 years so I am not really one to judge the "kvltness" of an album. More to the point, if I like the album, I don't give a fuck how "troo" it is. But based on what I am hearing, the name of the band could not be more ironic. On its two tracks (both over 12 minutes) False displays many of the aspects I've come to enjoy about Black Metal. Scathing, visceral vocals. Soaring riffs that carry me over and through mountains with their airy quality and/or pummelling destructiveness. Furious drumming with many subtle touches. In this case, the final element of the sound is one that I usually don't have a taste for. Keyboards. However, despite the fact that they remind me of Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir (ugh) by their sound, the keys here are much more tastefully done. Their mix and usage feels more complimentary and mood enhancing rather than the over-the-top and in-your-face of those other bands. They elevate the music and make it sound even more sinister. Much like the towering trees that ring the band's logo on the cover. Visually and audibly, this LP is top notch. It pains me that I haven't bought it yet. Soon enough my suffering will pass.

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