Tuesday, January 10, 2012

#5: Batillus - Furnace

I heard the UPS guy threw out his back when he delivered my vinyl copy of Furnace (Seventh Rule). 180g my ass! This fucker is ungodly heavy. In fact, it's so heavy that when I asked my buddy Atlas (the Greek God) to hold it for me, he replied with an emphatic "FUCK. THAT."  Nevertheless, I somehow managed to summon my Herculean might and drop the needle on the heaviest release I've heard for 2011.  Furnace is rife with monolithic riffs so dense they must have been forged in the furnace that burns at the center of the Earth. This is DOOM at its best Ladies and Gents. But what makes it so great is the dynamics. It's not all plodding, mind-crushing/numbing drone. There are peaks and valleys to compliment the immensity. The impact of the crushing moments is heightened by the build up. The other side of the mountain isn't a gentle slope, it's a sheer cliff. There's no way to save yourself from being flattened. I have to give special mention to the track "Deadweight". It epitomizes the way  I feel about Furnace. The chorus is ridiculously heavy. The lyrics "Fall on your knees/Crushed by your soul/Poisoned your mind/That serves you no more" are accompanied by an absolutely pulverizing chug that literally compels me to fall on my knees. My soul is indeed crushed, mind poisoned. No album this year has elicited such an undeniable physical response from me. I don't claim to be any kind of format expert, but for maximum richness, I'd spend my money on the vinyl. And enjoy the soul-crushing.


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