Thursday, January 5, 2012

#7: Altar of Plagues - Mammal

I'm definitely running into some descriptory fatigue. I'm even making up words. That bums me out more than the doomy, depressive, post-black metal of Ireland's Altar of Plagues. Mammal (Profound Lore) is very atmospheric and dark. The fuzzy, lo-fi guitars and other effects (reverb? I'm no gear head) make the album feel like it was recorded in a cavern. Damp, cold and devoid of sunlight. When AoP choose to go full-on BM, it's a bitter assault. I could handle a whole album of it. But it's the other aspects that make it such a great album. I'm not a patient man (at least in terms of music) but somehow Mammal is able to hold my attention during the gaze-y parts. I find myself entranced as the music soars, gliding above the sorrowful landscape below. The mote of consciousness climbing ever skyward only to plunge back into the blackened hole from which it sprang and erupting in an explosion of emotion.  Even the "keening' parts failed to bore me, as their inclusion only serves to enhance the mood of the album. '09's White Tomb was good, Mammal is better. If AoP can keep up this career trajectory, their future is looking bright. But bleak. Bleak-induced brightness? Sure.

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