Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Evpatoria Report, The Famine, Graveyard

The Evpatoria Report - Maar: I think I am growing out of my ambient/drone phase.This is just boring to me. If I wanted to listen to Explosions in the Sky, I would. Horns down.

The Famine - The Raven and the Reaping: I was kind of busy when I was listening to this so I wasn't paying close attention. But, it's pretty straight ahead metal. No -core. It flows more than alot of the stuff I have been hearing lately. I liked it. It's worth another few spins but I don't think it will make my Top 40 of 2008. Horns up.

Graveyard - Graveyard: Retrosytled heavy rock. Reminds me alot of Witchcraft and to some extent Mammoth Volume. Acoustic sounding guitar and stuff. Old school 60-70's feel. Like Witchcraft but not quite as doomy. Horns up!!

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