Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Six Feet Under

When Six Feet Under first got together, I thought they were the shit. I thought Chris Barnes' voice was soooo cool. At this point, I had never listened to any Death, Obituary or Cannibal Corpse. So Six Feet Under was basically my introduction to death metal. (How fuckin' sad is that?!) I was still firmly rooted in "Big 4" thrash, Pantera, Nirvana and Marilyn Manson. I don't think I had discovered Sepultura yet. And I had yet to completely abandon radio. I bought all their albums for a few years. Up to and including Graveyard Classics (maybe even Graveyard Classics 2, I'd have to check) But then something changed. Changed with me that is, not 6FU. I think that is a big part of the problem. They never changed. I had fleshed out my death metal collection with bands such as Impaled and Jungle Rot but I still hadn't listened to Cannibal Corpse. (Don't worry, I just smacked myself) This metal sin has since been rectified.

Over the last few years,though, I have been able to listen to an increasing amount of metal. Mostly due to an increase in availability (Thank you High Speed internet!!) and exposure. As I listen to more and more death metal, I have come to realize how much Six Feet Under sucks! I mean really, they just keep pumping out the same crap every album!! Their newest beer coaster, Death Rituals, is so bad I couldn't even finish listening to it. When really, I have heard it before. Recyled riffs riddle this predictable piece of dog turd. I swear, Chris Barnes just plays cut and paste with his lyrics. He has become somewhat of a parody of himself. Especially the screeches. Ah, they are hard to listen to.

The metal community demands more quality these days and in such a competitive and elitist market, you have to evolve or die. You can't keep spitting out the the same albun over and over again and expect to hold on to your fans. So to Chris and Co., it's time to change things up or you just might find yourselves (wait for it!) six feet under.

I'm gonna go listen to the new Testament now.

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