Thursday, January 8, 2009

Krisiun, Norma Jean, Meshuggah, and No Age

Krisiun - Southern Storm: Excellently executed Sepultura cover = Automatic Horns UP! Sepultura is an obvious influence as the cover is right in the middle of the album and it fits right in. If this album is an accurate sonic interpretation of a southern storm, I am happy up here in the Norther Hemisphere, because this Southern Storm is devastating! Horns up!

Norma Jean - Vs. the Anti-mother: I shouldn't like this. It's Christian screamo. But, for some reason, I do. I think it's the great tone, the song that sounds like Helmet, the catchiness and they have a really long song. Horns up.

Meshuggah - Obzen: I like Meshguggah, I really do, but I really have to be in the mood for them. And I seldom am. It's too herky-jerky. I can't lock into anything. I have to think too much. If it came around on my ipod, I wouldn't skip it, but it wouldn't be my first choice. Horns up based on musicianship and tone.

No Age - Nouns: It's just noise to me. Shitty noise at that. I've tried to listen to this a couple times but I just can't make it past the first track. I can't even finish the first track. The rest of the album MIGHT be better but if you start with such crap, you don't deserve to have me listen to any more. I am not even going to give this a horns down because it doesn't deserve horns. If I was throwing the horns while doing a one-armed keg stand, that would be horns down and WAY cooler than this piece of crap. I'll give it the Finger.Down.

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