Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Top EPs of 2008

I was going to wait and include this with my Top Albums of 2008 but since there isn't many I thought I would just do it now anyway.

In no particular order:

The Company Band - Sign Here, Here and Here: A supergroup consisting of Clutch's Neil Fallon (vocals), Fireball Ministry's James Rota (guitar), Jess Margera of CKY (drums), Fu Manchu's Brad Davis (bass) and guitarist Dave Bone. Considering the pedigree of the members you can guess at what they sound like. It really has a Clutch vibe so I automatically dig it. You should too.

Hayaino Daisuki - Headbanger's Karaoke Club Dangerous Fire: Superfast, vicious and really lo-fi. The production on this is just terrible (or maybe just my copy) but it gives a warmth and a really live feel. They claim to be from Japan, but the understanding is they are from NJ. Mother of hellfire, this shit is fast. Totally indechiperable vocals. "Haiiro Ikotsu Gakidou" is one hell of a song. I should mention that Jon Chang from Discordance Axis is on vocals. He is also on vocals for Gridlink (which you will see on my LP list) So, yeah, speed of light metal tinged grind. Hold on tight.

Black Ships - Low: Black Ships will have the esteemed honour of not only making my EPs list but my LPs list aswell. These boys from Montreal (metal capital of the world?) deliver some pretty serious, angry, dirty hardcore. Massive sound. The vocals really bring into the tortured soul of the band. Their myspace is pretty scarce as far is info goes, and at this time, Encyclopedia Metallum is down for maintenance so I can't tell you ABOUT the band really. If you like your hardcore raw, downtuned, without breakdowns, and really pissed off...you should like Black Ships. I'll have more when I post my LP list. (Their full length is called Omens, btw)

Mammoth Volume - Loved by Few, Hated by Dolphins: RIP Mammoth Volume. This was the last studio release from these titans of psychedelic stoner (ish) rock. Man, I love Mammoth Volume. This album was available for free download from their website last year and consists of 6 awesome tunes. This was supposed to be Volume 1 but they announced they were hanging it up on Christmas Day. Looks like they will have a Best Of available on their website soon. I am actually really sad about this. I have loved everything they ever released. Such a unique band. Some may think otherwise but there is something there that is beyond words. I'd really like to know why they chose to disband. They don't sound like a band that struggles at all. Their music is so deep sounding that the chemistry of the band would have to be tight in order to pull it off. My guess is that it was a time issue. I do believe these Swedes lead normal lives outside the band and maybe they had to put the band on the back burner for those reasons. Well, "My Pet is Burning" is one of my favourite (if not FAVE) song of the year. I certainly hope this isn't the end of MV.

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