Saturday, January 3, 2009

Grand Magus, Acacia Strain, The Cast Pattern, and The Endless Blockade

Grand Magus - Iron Will: Pretty standard Grand Magus. Stoner-tinged rock. Like St. Vitus Light. It's good to listen to but I think they have done better. I'll give it a Thumbs Up based on pedigree.

You know what I just realized? This is a metal blog and I am using Thumbs. Screw that. HORNS!!!
So from now on, it's Horns Up or Down. Hell yeah!

Acacia Strain - Continent: They've been labeled death-core and they don't like it. But it hard to describe them any other way. Breakdowns and death metal vocals. GOOD breakdowns and GOOD death metal vocals. There is nothing wrong with any sub-genre as long as it's done well. And Continent delivers. Horns up!!!

The Cast Pattern - The Cast Pattern: And when a sub-genre is not done well, it's The Cast Pattern. Too much chug-noodle-chug-noodle-scream. No melody here anywhere. Sounds very high school. Horns down.

The Endless Blockade - Primitive: Would you call this post-hardcore? Whatever you want to label it as, it fucking kicks ass. Grindy parts, doomy parts. Melody and wicked screams. This is the sound of a band who knows what they are doing. They've taken all kinds of elements and melded them together very nicely. This will get many more spins. Horns Up!!!

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