Friday, January 2, 2009

Dagoba and Deadbird

Dagoba - Face The Colossus: If you are going to share your name with a planetary system in the Star Wars Universe, you better be good. But since the Star Wars planet is spelled Dagobah, and Dagoba refers to a dome-shaped building built over relics of Buddha, the expectation get lowered. Which is good because they don't really live up to them anway. They should be ashamed to come from the same country as Gojira. Boring crap. "The World in Between" is just unlistenable. Would someone please turn off the sap-tap? Grow these dudes some balls? They just sound too whiny for me when they aren't growling. Nothing special about the music either, at least not enough to make me see past the vocals and lyrics. Thumbs down.

Deadbird - Twilight Ritual: Doomy stoner metal. Well done. Not much to say really. If you like doom/stoner then you should like Deadbird. Thumbs up.

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