Sunday, December 7, 2008

All That Remains - Overcome (album review)

Every once in awhile you come across a band that really stands out. That brings something new to the table. They don't have to invent a new genre, or even re-invent a genre, but they punch some uniqueness into it. It could be a interesting mix of styles, a unique vocalist, and totally out of this world drummer, ya know, something to really distinguish them from the rest of the pack. Unfortunately, not of that applies to All That Remains. Overcome isn't a bad album per se, it's just nothing special. Nothing that hasn't been done a thousand times before. They seem to have graduated from the Killswitch Engage taught school of Overdone Wave of American Heavy Metal. In fact, I should check the liner notes on this because it sounds like this has Adam D.'s fingerprints all over it. Good cop/bad cop vocals, but the good cop doesn't go to church as often as he used to and the bad cop has a family now and is getting a little soft. I can't really comment on the lyrics because I don't have the luxury yet of only listening to the album. I am almost always doing something at the same time. Besides, I don't like to analyze lyrics anyway. I was never very good in English class.

I have to give Overcome credit for at least keeping me interested up to about track 6, but by track 8 I had skipped to the next album on my player. There was just nothing I hadn't heard before (and heard done better). That, and I was looking forward to listening to the next band on my list, Annihilation Time. So when I turned my player back on, I just skipped the last 3 songs.

So if you live and breath KsE and their ilk, go buy All That Remains - Overcome. But if you want to listen to a band that blazes their own trail, go buy anything by Clutch. I should actually make that my blog signature, Go buy anything by Clutch.

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