Monday, December 8, 2008

Canvas Solaris

I'm not gonna waste much time on Canvas Solaris. I can't remember the album
title because I didn't really plan on reviewing it.
I wasted enough time already listening to the 2 or 3 tracks I got through
before dismissing it.
It sucks. It's boring. It sounds like bad video game menu background music.
It sounds like elevator music for the under-30 crowd. OH! It sounds like
that G3 album. You know, that Satriani, Vai and Eric Johnson concert from
way back? That was ok the first couple go rounds, but it got boring quick.
You want good instru-metal? Pelican, Irepress, Capricorns, The Bakerton
Group, Electro-quarterstaff... I could go on all day.
Canvas Solaris sucks. IMO

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