Sunday, December 7, 2008

Annihilation Time - III: Tales of the Ancient Age

This review of III: Tales of the Ancient Age by Annihilation Time will not be long and complicated. Much like the album itself. Pretty straightforward. Fun party-punk that is still accessible to the metalheads. I wouldn't call it crossover because it is still on the punk side, but I'm not much of a traditional punk fan and I really dug this.It's got a standard punk drum beat for the most part and the bass is very audible. I can hear some southern touches in the guitar and the vocals are tastefully raw. The production sounds very live and unpolished which gives the recording the feeling of sincerity that it deserves. I think AH is not out to make a ton of money. They play for themselves and to help other people have a good fuckin' time.

The next album I listened to was The Way of All Flesh by ASRA (yes, Gojira also has an album by that name) but I am not ready to review it yet. It is SO fucking awesome that I need way more information to write a review that would do it justice. I think I read somewhere that ASRA broke up though. If they did it is a tremendous disservice to the metal community.

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