Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eternal Lord - Blessed Be This Nightmare

Eternal Lord's first band meeting:

Singer: "First order of business! What should we sound like? Ideas?"

Guitar: "Well, metalcore sells records, right?"

Singer: " I suppose it does, yes. So what would that entail?"

Guitar: "Breakdowns!"

Bass: "Yeah, lots of breakdowns!"

Drums: " I can trigger my drums to go right with the guitars! For the breakdowns!"

Singer: "But guys, I can't do "good cop". What about death cop/black metal cop?"

Guitar: " Yeah, ok. We don't want to sound TOO much like Killswitch Engage."

Bass: "Only during the sissy parts"

2nd Guitar: "Dudes! What about riffs?"

Singer: "What about riffs?"

Guitar: "No riffs! Remember what Lars said in Some Kind of Monster? We don't want it to sound dated."

2nd Guitar: "He was talking about solos."

Singer and guitar: "Shut up! You're expendible."

Singer: "So, let's get this straight. Breakdowns, breakdowns, breakdowns. No riffs. Some KsE sissy parts. You're drums just follow the guitar. Bad cop/worse cop vokills. OH! What should I sing about?"

Drums: "Will we be able to understand you?"

Singer: "Probably not"

Guitar: "Who cares then? As long as it sounds br00tal!"

All: "YEAH!"

Singer: "Let's fuckin' do this shit!"

Dugga-da-da-da-dunn-dunn dun-dun-dun dugga-da-da-da-dunn-dunn duh-dunn.........

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