Monday, December 8, 2008

Black Ships - Low (EP)

Right out of the hole I am going to give this a 9/10. It only loses a point because it's an EP. At the end of the 4 songs, I really wanted more. I will be ALL OVER a full-length.

The vocals are full on, man. I lost my breath just listening to it. I can't imagine there is much left for the vocalist. Intense, anger-fueled screams. It reminds me of Destroyer, Destroyer's vocals but the difference is, on Low, I can actually make out some lyrics. The bass is dirty enough that I can't tell if there is two guitars or not. (I really need to do my research before reviewing, or at least make sure I have internet access) It's a really full, distorted sound that would translate to a live setting really, really well. It would be an intense fuckin' show, I'll tell ya that! I can just picture the vocalist throwing himself around with reckless abandon. On the drumming side of things, I am gonna use the word dynamic. More than just keeping the beat, they fill the spaces where they need to and leaves other places open where you think there would be something. It really gives me the feeling that the band is inside eachothers heads, that they can play off eachother and feed off eachother.

This baby's gonna fight for the top EP of 2008 in my books, if it hasn't won already.

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  1. Oh boy!! Omens full length available for pre-order from the band!!!!! And get this, they are from Montreal!! The metal capital of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Which means they COULD play in Kingston, for which I will donate an arm.